Reviving Historical embroidery

As a designer and tutor, my vision is to create an exclusive world of high-quality teaching that celebrates artistry and beauty found in historical embroidery. Through extensive study of embroidery techniques in museums, I bring iconic designs to life while capturing charm of the past. Guided by my passion for art and education, I share these intricate designs through classes inspiring individuals to embrace the beauty of embroidery.

Specialising in British fashion embroidery, I draw inspiration from the rich heritage of British design. I collaborate with prestigious educational institutions and ensure that my courses uphold the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. My goal is to create an environment where learners not only acquire techniques from the past, but also cultivate their own creativity blending tradition with contemporary flair.

You can find my teaching portfolio on ‘Embroidery Courses’ page, and to read more about my experience, please visit ‘About’ page.

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